April SA Story Night A Blast!

We met at the Brook Hollow Library on Heimer Road in N. Central San Antonio on the first Wednesday of April and Veronica kicked off an evening of great stories with an “Anansi” tale. Finally! We now know how Anansi got his waist; he had been TOO fat before he feasted on yummy cooked beans, cooked yams and green beans. 

(You had to have been there.)


Jane stood and told the riveting tale of a love lost and a journey not taken to the US. 

“The Bridge of Tears” was the title of this modern story of Ireland. 


The evening was really rolling along when Trudy stood, with apologies, as she had written this story and was not happy with the script. It turned out to be a corker: “Revenge of the Terrapins”: what happened AFTER the scorpion was given a ride across the river by a turtle. She had us sitting on the edge of our seats as we envisioned the turtles racing to the feast on the other side of the river.  Alas, the scorpion fell asleep as the turtle carried him across the river, and said terrapin dumped him into the watery stream; there was mouse on the menu that night, and Turtle could NOT wait. 

Trudy is a born teller; she told an excellently written story, and showed great timing in the telling. Can’t wait to hear more of her tales.


John Munley - recently returned to San Antonio from parts northeast, and so welcome back to SASA! - told of looking for a forever home in S. Texas and finding one in San Antonio, of finding a story course at NYU, New York and at Trinity University, Dublin, and the George West Story Festival in S. Texas, to where he drove “forever”. (Yeah, we know, Texas is big.) Met an old friend there, dressed in red, white and blue, and spent a while exchanging greetings and conversation. Afterwards, his wife asked hm who that was. John: “Never met him before in my life”. Yes, we storytellers are good at faking it. And it’s great to have John back.


Susan (Whipple), our MC for the night, and an excellent job she did - stood to tell of a very scary meeting with a UFO in Rochester, NY. Walking her block to a neighbor’s house on a crisp, sunny September day: she saw it: shiny, silver, “something metal in the sky” hovering over her street, no sound coming from it. Horrified and struck silent - “I was the only human around!” - she prepared to run when the shape turned and the sun reflected off two wings. It was an airplane.

Great relief all around.


It was a good night, once again, at the San Antonio Storytellers’ Swap at Brook Hollow Library.


You missed it? We meet again to tell and regale on Wednesday, May 2, from 6.30 to 8 pm at Brook Hollow. Be there - or be SQ…E!!


Jane McD.