SASA May Story Swap

We met at the Brook Hollow Library on May 3 to tell and reggaLe - and what a night it was!

We ran out of chairs, people were standing in the back of the room… we had a great turnout.

Veronica kicked of f the night with a telling of a beautiful Chinese folktale, “The Grass Cutter”, a tale of re-directed stallions and magnificent fabrics, a humble and happy grass cutter, his friend the long-suffering merchant and a prince and princess who lived happily ever after. The grass cutter did make a decision to keep out of politics in the future. (You shoulda been there.)

Mary Grace took all of five minutes to clarify what prejudice is, with the help of her grandchildren’s favorite book covers. She also told the brief, short story of a twelve-year old black girl who had a project to find book about black girls, and did - she wrote reviews of 9000 books. Wow.

Susan Whipple stood to tell us about her time as a part time and then full time gardening expert, finding a job that makes the heart smile, and finding the best part of it all: meeting enthusiastic gardening customers - and meeting some interesting co-workers on the way. Susan had a Chinese proverb which described it all in a nutshell: “Find something you love and you will never work again”. Love those Susan stories.

Jane stood with an old and strange tale in two parts from the Brothers Grimm: “The Three Snake Leaves”. Not often told, this story, it was a tale of a beautiful but false woman who demanded that the man she would marry would be buried alive with her if she died first. She did. And he did. But the snake with the three green magic leaves saved her, and saved him, later on, when she killed him at sea. She and the sea captain came to a nasty end; sent out in a boat with a hull riddled with holes. The justice of the Grimms and all those people in the State of Hessen who told them their fireside tales.!!!

Charlie is a good teller he had a couple for us again - two he’s “working upon” - we all are, at one time or another - he told of finding arrowheads on the construction site of the Brook Hollow Library, and of old school friends, likened to model airplanes: some who crashed and some who flew so high that they disappeared from sight. I’d love to meet that Charlie Kerr who flew over Cuba, taking reconnaissance pictures and menaced by MIGs…

Then Sue, to round off the night, did a telling exercise with us all which ended in

chaos and general merriment.

Great night. And if you weren’t there - you are really SQUARE.