January Storytelling: off with a bang

Seventeen tellers and listeners gathered at Brook Hollow Library on the first Wednesday of the first month in the spanking new year, 2017, to tell and regale and listen. And although the teller pickings were meager there WAS a variety of stories.

Jane stood to tell the horrible, bloody story of the Death of Cu Roi, the Lion Of Munster, who kidnapped his young wife, Blathnaid, from the Isle of Man, and who paid him back in blood with the help of the Red Branch of Ulster and her champion, Cuchulainn. There was magic afoot, a battle wherein Cu Roi killed 100 warriors with his manacled hands, there were promises broken and a surprise ending. Ahh…you had to have been there.

Charlie Whipple had another of his juicy Hill Country tales for us, which included the recipe for Jess Oslin’s Chocolate Cake, and then made us all hungry by telling of his brother in law, Howard’s cooked chicken and gravy and biscuits….

Veronica Gard took us to a special place in England - Cornwall, on the extreme western tip of the island - describing how it used to take ten hours by small car and road from London to Mawgan Porth in that Celtic county of Cornwall. According to Veronica, Mawgan Port was “another of Cornwall’s bogus saints” - not getting involved in that discussion - but her stories of being there, of the beautiful country with its hidden bays and hills was riveting.

Sue Kuentz had us ins stiches - again! - with a winter tale, scrounged from a session on telling tochildrne in Tomball, TX. The Mittens, a Russian folk tale, well known and a joy to hear again as Sue fills it with life and sounds.

The recipe for that scrumptious chocolate cake, btw:

1 cup each of cake flour and sugar, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 1 “egg’ of butter.

Try that.

See you next month at the San Antonio Storytellers’ Story Swap on Wednesday, Feb.1st, 6.30 to 8 pm at the Book Hollow Library on Heimer Road.

Jane McD.