SASA April Story Swap: well, what was that?!!

SASA member, Buck Rodgers, kicked off the night with a very funny story-joke about atiny fortune-teller (read: leprechaun gone mainstream) who neglected to get a license in the State of Florida for seeing into the future.

 Charlie Whipple came up with a story called “On the Lookout for Suspicious Garbage”, one of his own tales. Charlie is always good for a story and this one was about his early morning walkabout and musings over the sudden and regular appearance of large, filled garbage bags outside a disused business strip mall. We still don’t know what is inside those bags.

 Sue Kurtz has been mugging up on Irish/Celtic stories recently - due to her and Jane’s storytelling gigs at the April SA Highland Games - and she brought the old, old tale of “How Cuchulainn Got his Name”. Sue outdid herself on this one; an old epic story of Cuchulainn who was originally named Setanta, a Celtic half-god. Sue has the gift to take one into the story, and we lived and felt with Setanta as he grew from an impatient child who wanted to join the Red Branch Knights to a strong and courageous youth who finally did.

 Jane McDaniel stood to tell - in post haste form because the story was NEW, NEW and not practiced enough - the story of Jack and Temper Tom, another tinker tale from Wales. Jack was happy, optimistic, his brother, Temper Tom, was slow and careful and jealous of Tom.. and had a temper. Classic three-fold story, full of twists and turns. Worth re-telling, this story will be brought out again sometime in the future when it’s been refined and re-practiced.

 Mary Grace told a true tale of Irish John McMullen and his friend Jim McGloyne who went to Mexico in the 19th Century and became land agents. This was interesting history, of the Catholic, Irish settlers in San Patricio de Hibernia,  near Corpus Christi, Texas and their intended role as a barrier between Mexico and any northern invaders.

When the war of 1830 started the settlers fled and McGloyne became mayor of San Patricio after the war’s end while McMullen stayed on in San Antonio; in more ways than one - as his ghost walks the 2nd floor of the Briscoe Museum of Western Art, his former home. BTW - if you happen to see McMullen’s ghost there, tell him “we are still searching for your murderer”, will you?

 Buck Rodgers rounded out the night with another true tale of ghost sightings at the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts, an experience which did not deter him from marrying his sweetheart, Pepper.

 Well!!!  What was that all about???!!!

 Our next monthly Story Swap at the Brook Hollow Library at 523 Heimer Road in San Antonio is on May 4th, 6.30 pm - 8 pm sharp. Be there or be square!

 Note:  The ever active San Antonio Storytellers will host a storytelling workshop for medium and advanced tellers on September 17th, 10 am - 2 pm; title “What’s Next, Coach?” Workshop leader is Sheila Stark-Phillips. Lunch will be provided and the price for the day is $35: money well spent.

 SASA’s 2016 Tellabration is in the works for November 5th at the gorgeous Mission Library on Roosevelt Avenue in S. San Antonio. We are working on a daytime focus on stories for families and children, with a special guest storyteller.

The grass does not grow long under the San Antonio Storytellers!!!!


Jane McDaniel