San Antonio Storytellers shine at Franklin Park.

Five of San Antonio’s finest gathered at the Franklin Park Retirement Center in north-central San Antonio on March 31st to regale and tell stories of county fairs, love, ashes, and tailors and buttons. Susan Whipple led the afternoon event with a rousing telling of a prize-winning batch of Cowboy cookies and half a Black Forest Cake which went sideways. 

She was followed by Jamie Blount, man of opinions, who told about an individual and his girlfriend, both of whom did not believe in love. Ah… the morals we choose, when it suits us, and how they trip us up!

Jane McDaniel had two short stories to tell; one of a kitten which liked to bite toes and a father who got on the wrong side of said kitten, and a second about Pronsias Mangan, Limerick tailor, who proved that a frayed cuff is not the end of a piece of tweed’s life.

Charlie Whipple, Hill Country poetand former ranch broker, delved deep into his work and life experience to tell of a almost-crooked ranch deal and a 100-year old honey-maker. The story had many twists and turns and kept the audience riveted to its seats.

And then Pat Schaefer, former librarian and long-time storyteller, played the magic card and told an old story “Ashes for Sale”. That was a fitting end to a very pleasurable and enjoyable afternoon.


Jane McDaniel