Story Swap on March 2016

WHAT HAPPENED...On March 2nd San Antonio Story Swap @ Brook Hollow Library?

With 15 expectant faces in the audience at the San Antonio Storytellers monthly Story Swap on March 2nd, the tellers got off to a (fairly) quick start with an almost-not-practiced story by Jane McDaniel, titled “St. Martin of Tours”, a substitute for a much rehearsed Welsh fable. The dangers of mislaying one’s work papers…

Charley Whipple followed up with a fascinating story about grunions - yes, I didn’t know what they are, either - the hunting season for which opened March 1st. Grunions are fish which wash up on Californian beaches in the spring, to lay their eggs in sandy nests before being swept out to sea again by the high tides. Hunting is done with the bare hands. The problem with writing poetry about grunions is that they rhyme with so few English words; onions, bunions…. Charley had us in stitches with his extended limerick.

LeLynn Koch, SASA long-time member, surprised us with a beautiful S. Texas story about the “Storybook Tree” on the Sabina River. A huge cypress, once hit by lightening, with a wound hole that grew and grew over the decades. An outcast of a settler’s village, an old man, lived in it, telling stories to children over the years and, over the years, becoming a healing force for a divided group of pioneers. The tree still stands today on the Sabinal River. And the silence as LeLynn finished her story told it all, the effect of a beautiful story on an audience.

Jamie Blount, avid letter writer and teacher, brought visual aids to his story of how he smuggled drugs into St. Petersburg, Russia from Hungary, how he enjoyed the Kirov Ballet for free and how he bribed a Russian train conductor on the way to Lithuania. (He got a receipt.) A hilarious “Skeleton In The Closet”!

SASA visitor and listener, Jonathon Reyes, brought a personal story of redemption to a rapt audience. A riveting story of a journey from middle class family to a life of crime and federal prison and prayer.

We at SASA would like to emphasize that we do not encourage the dissemination of modern political or religious standpoints; this was an exception.

To lighten the tone, Jane stood and told the age-old Hebrew tale of “The Tailor and the Button”, a hilarious story which does NOT end in a buttonhole.

Sue Kuentz and Jane McDaniel are scheduled to tell stories on stage at the San Antonio Highland Games in Helotes on April 2nd and 3rd, and Sue has been boning up on Celtic stories. She brought “The Stolen Babe and the Fairies of the Sidh”, the OTHER Irish story that she to date knows - and what a joy that was to listen to! Magic gradually grew as she regaled how two members of the Sidh (the Faery Folk of Ireland) took a baby which was left on a clifftop trail, and the odyssey of the mother into the Land of the Sidh to reclaim it. This is the stuff that dreams - and stories - are made of and Sue did it magnificent justice. There’ll be some great stories told in Helotes in April by these two SASA members; that is guaranteed.

The SASA Story Swap finished abruptly at 7.58 pm and we made it out the door as the library was closing. As usual.

Next SASA Story Swap is on Wednesday, April 6th, from 6.30 - 8 pm.

Be there, or be rectangular!!

Jane McDaniel