Story Swap on Feb 3 @ Brook Hollow Library

We had a full house of tellers and listeners at our February San Antonio STORY NIGHT! It was wonderful to see both the regulars and new folks. The stories filled the night right up to closing time and no one wanted to leave. Here’s a brief account of the tales told:

Mary Locke Crofts, one of our co-founders, reminded us of our view of the Texas night sky with its many constellations such as Cassiopeia, Perseus, and Andromeda.  From this, a Greek myth followed. King Akrisios had a beautiful daughter, Danae; but, unfortunately, wanted a son so he imprisoned her. With Zeus’ shower of rain, Danae became pregnant. Dad was furious, and sent Danae and son, Perseus in a chest down into the sea. Danae and Perseus washed ashore safely and their journey’s continued. Mary Locke’s telling was not to be missed – especially with descriptions of Medousa, a sea monster and the nasty Gorgones! She recommended a book for the listening enthusiasts – Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.

We all sang along with a recording of Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make-believe” which set the mood for Jamie Blunt’s true story of a free concert, staged in the Shenandoah Valley, listening to the Sattler Brothers on July 4th. The fireworks were preceded by another concert by Conway Twitty, which brought back a time he met a fellow camper who told him about Conrad which Jamie discounted at the time. But now, after hearing “It’s Only Make-believe,” he realized this singer was his hero when growing up and listening to his music – Jamie didn’t realize that was the singer’s name!

Mary Grace Ketner, our other co-founder of SASA,  introduced her puppet, Hans Christian Andersheep , to us. In fact, he told us a fun version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Hans shared the fact that Lester was baaaaaaaad sometimes – sending false alarms out by crying out “Wolf” when in fact there was no wolf but declaring to the frantic folks that it was a necessary wolf drill. You know the tale but you may not have heard this moral of the tale: Never trust a shepherd that’s not a poet or a musician!

Pat Schieffer shared a wonderful tale from Mexico called “Ashes for Sale” from an old book titled Tales that People Tell in Mexico. In a small village of Hualpan, Mexico lived two friends, Tomas – clever but mischievous, and Pancho, sweet but a bit of a simpleton.  Tomas put one over on Pancho which caused Pancho to look bad in front of the villagers but, as we all know, good wins over and Pancho ends up with 3 bags of gold, thanks to wearing a mask to keep himself warm while sleeping by bandits one night. Tomas was humbled when hearing the story!

Charlie and Susan Whipple are both going to represent SASA at our Tejas Storytelling Festival in March and they shared their tales tonight. Charlie is a master at cowboy poetry. He told us “Old Cedar Chopper” while Susan told a true tale regarding their garden nursery and a Big, Old, Ugly Possum that landed on her head, then shoulder, and finally feet – glaring up at her then running off.

What a great night of storytelling. We thank all of our tellers and listeners and hope to see everyone back the first Wednesday of March at the Brookhollow Library!