Story Swap at Brook Hollow Library on November 4th

We were not many at the monthly Story Swap at Brook Hollow Library on November 4th, but - we were MIGHTY.

Ryan McPherson kicked off the night with a very. very funny story of scaring kids at Halloween . He was the silent stranger, waiting for victims...

John Munley dug deep into his past, telling a hilarious story of living as a child on Green Street, across from a cemetery and a church. Of course there had to be a drunk who came out of Black Mike Clancy's pub, an open grave, a campout sleepover at a house next to the cemetery, three friends who hid in the grave and grabbed the drunken man's legs as he stumbled by (was it a true story....??). The End.

Not. The drunk fell in a faint, the boys ran back to the tent, and the drunk swore a lifetime vow never to drink again, thinking the Devil had grabbed him by the heels.
After we'd recovered... Veronica Gard stood and told three (!) stories on which she is working, one of which was about the baobab tree, for telling on Arbor Day. Stories about the baobab tree are always magical. A king had three sons and wanted to find out which would be able to lead his kingdom when he was gone. The oldest threw a spear through the tree trunk and rode his horse through the hole and away. The second jumped right over the tree and away. The third heaved the baobab out of the ground. Now, which one was the future leader of the land?

Finn and brother Gus Roberts, 10 and 13 years old respectively who have attended Wednesday Story Swaps with their mother, Maggie, since Finn was seven, stood and told two rollicking Halloween stories. Finn told of being "a zombie skeleton with a little bit of flesh" and scaring even the older kids. Gus, not to be outdone, stood a talked about the difficulties of being a banana at Halloween; "being a banana, good and bad things can happen". Not the least of which were snide remarks from other kids.... "oh, so you are nuclear fallout survivor", or "I find your costume very appealing". He also told of a man who sat on the porch with his dog and a bowl of candy, who said he'd sic the dog on kids who took more than 2 pieces of candy. Halloween: scary.

Sue Kuentz then stood and had us all enthralled as she regaled the sad story of Shorty Long, a deadbeat cowboy, who owed Widdow McCrae $4.50. This was a Eric Kimmel story, and a good one at that. Laced with names like Duck Pooley (friend of Shorty) and Big Nose George and his lawless Gang. Poor Shorty almost lost his nose, hiding in a coffin, but came back from the dead and gained the railroad loot, a total of $500. Of course he hied it outta town and never paid back the Widdow.
We were still laughing when we were thrown out of the Library at 8 pm. (They close on time.)

Next monthly Story Swap is on Wednesday, December 2, from 6.30 to 8 pm (sharp). 

BEFORE that is SASA's 25th celebration of TELLABRATION!. It will be this coming Saturday, Nov. 14, from 7-9 pm, held at the luxurious Turkish Raindrop House at 4337 Vance-Jackson, San Antonio, TX. 78230. Additional Info and map on our website, / Events or Facebook page, San Antonio Storytellers.

Submitted by Jane McDaniel