January Storytelling: off with a bang

Seventeen tellers and listeners gathered at Brook Hollow Library on the first Wednesday of the first month in the spanking new year, 2017, to tell and regale and listen. And although the teller pickings were meager there WAS a variety of stories.


On February 11th, 2017, join us in our Next Storytelling Workshop: 

Uncovering Your Life's Stories

Jim May's workshop will intertwine his memorable stories and his new book entitled Trail Guide for a Crooked Heart to help each participant unearth their own stories and piece their ideas together. He'll allow a question and answer piece to the workshop along with time to autograph his book for buyers. He's visiting from his home town of Chicago so you don't want to miss this rare visit!

Cost: $35 at the Door
When and Where: February 11th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. @ 151 Saur Rd, Bulverde, TX 78163
For more info call or email: 210-326 78 77 sue.kuentz@gmail.com

More about Jim May

 Entertainment and inspirational narratives in our culture are dominated by stories of heroic achievement and triumph: of victims saved, goals reached, and passions fulfilled. 

However, from youth to old age, life experience reminds us that not all passionate action leads to fulfillment, and not all can be saved. World mythology and spiritual parables from all faiths advise us that we must recognize and face the demons, failures, and discouragements to find peace, integration, and serenity; that, in fact, there are riches to mine from difficult times.

We’ll explore life’s crooked and undulating path, meandering like water, uncertain of its eventual goal yet often stumbling upon the unexplored, underground caverns where our gold awaits, shimmering in the darkness. 
We’ll discuss our conflicts, rake the ashes of our most paradoxical relationships and life stations to, perchance, find the buried, glowing coals of insight, having faith that the territory of our wounds can light the way to our most powerful stories.  

Bring your life stories to work on and share. 

EMMY award winner Jim May has been, for some 30 yrs, a full time storyteller. His collection of stories: Trail Guide For A Crooked Heart was released in March 2016 by Parkhurst Brothers, Marion, MI. www.jimmaystoryteller.com
To be a great guide is to allow adventure, discovery and, at the same time, allow one to arrive safely at one’s destination. Jim May is a great guide.
Dante had Virgil
The Sufi poet, Rumi, had Shams of Tabriz

The Texas Storytelling Festival is coming around the corner, save the dates

32nd Annual Texas Storytelling Festival, March 9-12, 2017


The 32 Annual Texas Storytelling Festival
Ear Candy: Sweet Sound of Story
March 9 - 12, 2017
Denton Civic Center
321 E. McKinney Street
Denton, TX


Meet Our Festival Featured Tellers

The 32nd Annual Texas Storytelling Festival “Ear Candy: The Sweet Sound of Story” will entertain and inspire. Treat yourself to stories from these rich storytellers: Clare Murphy, Don White, Dolores Hydock, and Carolina Quiroga-Stultz. See you in Denton, Texas at the Civic Center on March 9 - 12, 2017.

Download Festival's Program

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